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Bromoethane | CAS 74-96-4 | C2H5Br

CAS 74-96-4
Molecular formula: C2H5Br

Bromoethane is also called ethyl bromide. The liquid is colorless and has a sweet ether-like odor. It is a compound that is only sparingly water soluble, but mixes easily with organic solvents. This makes it a good choice for chemistries.

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Bromoethane is a fine, clear colorless to slightly yellow liquid with a molecular formula of C2H5Br and a molecular weight of 108.97.

Bromoethane serves as a raw material for the synthesis of medicines, pesticides, dyes, and spices. Particularly, It is an ethylating agent, a refrigerant, an analytical reagent, a fumigant, and an organic solvent in organic synthesis.


Bromoethane | CAS 74-96-4 | C2H5Br Product Information








Hydrobromic ether;EINECS 200-825-8;Monobromoethane;Ethane,bromo;Bromure d'ethyle;Bromic ether;1-bromo ethane;ethyl btomide;ethylbromide;MFCD00000232;Ethyl bromide

Boiling point:

37-40 °C(lit.)

Molecular weight





Clear colorless to slightly yellow liquid


Bromoethane Markets/Application:

Bromoethane is used in a variety of industrial applications.

-Chemical Synthesis: It is a useful reagent for chemical laboratories that facilitates the synthesis of organic compounds.

-Bromoethane can be used in the production of pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and fragrances.

-Extraction: This is used to extract essential oils and other natural compounds from plants.

-Bromoethane is a key ingredient in the production and development of dyes, pesticides and pharmaceutical intermediates.

-It can be used in refrigeration systems to cool the air.

Overall, bromoethane serves as a valuable compound in the realm of chemistry and industry. Buy bromoethane in JHchemco now!



All products sold in our store are only used for industrial applications or scientific research and other non-medical purposes, and shall not be used for human or animal consumption.

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Clear colorless to slightly yellow

Cas No.


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